Sunday, September 14, 2014

The creek

        The creek is a marvelous place. It is very beautiful ecosystem. It is full of green that house many different types of animals. People are trying to destroy this wonderful place. They want to make buildings in it. Fortunately, I got the chance to go up there.

        We  measured trees, looked at small plants and we looked at the most dominant plants. We saw evidence of animals everywhere. We made quadrants and looked at was in them. We had fun and at the same time learned to respect the environment and take care of it.

         Some of the small plants that we found were the Helecho Arbolescente, Uva Camarona, Ciruelo, Urapán, Fucsia larga, Cordoncillo peludo, Coranzoncillo and Carbonero. The most dominant plant that we found in our quadrant was the Ciruelo. We took leaf samples to class to find the names.

         We measured the trees with a height gauge. With a measuring tape we found the circumference and the diameter. We couldn't find the names because we didn't recognize the illustrations. We saw a lot of animals including mosquitos, fish, butterflies, worms and birds. Birds eat worms that live in the dirt. If you turned the dirt into a building the worms die so birds don't eat anything and they die too.

         We can't let the government sell the creek. It would be destroying the environment. I personally saw how beautiful it is. I can't imagine that river and that forest being turned into building. It's incredible what people can do for money. To save the creek maybe the school can buy a part and leave as it is. It would save thousands of plants and animals.


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  1. I like the way you related everything and said that taking away one thing would affect many others.

    You need to include data from class, that's why we determined the number of plants...for the report.