Friday, October 3, 2014

discussion questions

Why do we as scientists build food webs?

We build food webs to understand nature, how animals survive and to understand if one of the animals goes extinct what would happen to the rest of the world. Also, to see which animal we can let hunt and which animals we should protect. We need to understand how ecosystems work and connect to other ecosystems.

Give an example of how one change might affect many other parts of an ecosystem. 

The frog is eaten by owls and hawks. The frog eats insects. The owl also eats snakes. The hawk also eats mice. If the frogs go extinct, The population of the insects increase and the population of the mice and snakes decrease because the hawks and owls have to eat more of the mice and snakes.

Give an example of how one change in la quebrada might affect the rest of the ecosystem.

If the trees of the quebrada are turned into buildings the population of birds will decrease because they don't have where to live and so they will die or migrate to another place. That will affect the worms because they won't be eaten and they will grow in the dirt below the building. Also, the water will be polluted by the materials needed to make the buildings and the fish will die.

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