Friday, October 24, 2014

population dynamics

1. Using an example, describe why a population could not increase forever.

A population can't increase forever because it will take other population's resources and it will run out of them. Consequently, the planet can't let that happen so it will find a way to balance the populations. (wiping out a part of the population). For example, we humans have taken a lot of resources that don't belong to us so the earth created Ebola to balance things out.

2. What are 2 factors that determine whether a population increases or decrease.

One factor that determines if a predator population increases is that if the prey population increases the predator population increases because they have more food. A factor that determines if a population decreases is the planet. If there is very big population and it is taking a lot of resources, the planet will find a way to decrease the population so that it doesn't take to many resources.

3. Give a reason why the population of earth has continued to increase in the past 100 years?

Firstly, our scientists have found a lot of cures for sicknesses that killed us in the past. This makes us live longer. Secondly, we humans have used up one fourth more of the planet's resources that it has for us. If we keep taking all the resources the planet will have to wipe us out to protect the other populations.

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