Friday, March 6, 2015

Summative questions genetics

1. In my opinion your environment influences more who you are because even though your genes affect how you look physically, you can always change how you look depending on how you were raised. If you were raised to think that you are perfect how you are, you won't change anything. If you were raised to think that you are not pretty, then you will probably have a operation. If you were born to look at life one way, then that influences how you are and think. You don't think one just because of how you look.

2. If DNA does not copy itself exactly there can be a mutation. Mutations can cause diseases or just change in hair color. Some of the ways that mutations can happen are: duplication which is when one of the nucleotides is duplicated in mitosis. Another way is deletion which is when one nucleotide is erased in mitosis. Mutations can cause diseases like progeria which causes nucleotides to create a protein called progeria which causes cells to break down more easily than normal. Also, sickle cell anemia is caused when a gene is duplicated in mitosis.

3. One advantage of asexual reproduction is that it is fast and easy to reproduce. For example, when a starfish breaks off a arm, the arm grows into another starfish and the parent starfish grows back the arm. A disadvantage of asexual reproduction is that becuase all of the species is genetically identical, if a disease comes it can wipe out the whole species very quickly. One advantage of sexual reprduction is that the baby is protected from predators and the outside world while it grows. A disadvantage of sexual reproduction is that both the baby can the mother can be harmed or killed in the process of the birth.

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