Monday, May 11, 2015

Evolution Project


The Rhinoceros comes from a group of mammals called perissodactyls. The horses and zebras also come from that group. The Rhino is believed to come directly from a huge dinosaur called the Paraceratherium. It evolved into two different branches: the one horned animals and the two horned animals. The Paraceratherium then shrunk and evolved a horn or two horns.

The present

The Rhino evolved a horn to defend itself from other predators and to impress females. Also, it evolved a large upper lip to grab leaves off trees and to eat break branches. It evolved short legs to run faster through the long savannahs.

The future

In the future the rhino will live in the forest because the savannahs will burn up so the rhinos will adapt to the forest. It will evolve longer legs to move easier through rock and mud. The legs will also help it reach higher trees for food. It will evolve a larger horn to scare off bigger predators like bears and pumas.


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